Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Sad Persistence Of Time

Alright, just finished this up today... I was inspired by this piece of art I came across a few weeks back, and thought I'd try to do a 3D projection of the 2D image. So, I took the original image and added to it a little bit, to give it a little more depth that I would need for the 3D Scene. It had been a while since my last 3D projection project, so I wanted to do this one just to stay up on My Skills... I'm happy with the End Result.

The original artwork is from a man named Ric Stultz... The rest of his work is AMAZING, so please check the following links to see the rest of his Stuff.

Ric Stultz - Main Website
Future Passed - Ric Stultz Alias

The High-Resolution version of this animation can be downloaded at the following link:

"The Sad Persistence Of Time" - High Resolution

"The Sad Persistence Of Time" - Original Artwork by Ric Stultz

Matte Painting & Extension Additions

3D Animation:

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