Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Final Demo Reel 2007

So, this is the Culmination of my Year at VanArts in the Visual Effects Program... My Focus of this Demo Reel was Matte Paintings & Digital Environments. The Concept is taking a 2D Flat Image into a 3D Application, and Applying the 2D Image to 3D Models, to create a 3D Scene from a Flat Image that you can Fly Around and Interact with in 3D Space... Kind of technical to explain, but I think you'll get the picture from watching the Reel. Did some Rotoscoping too, as that is Essential for almost anything these days, you'll see that Towards the End of the Reel. The Girl at the end of the Reel with the Sword & The Key is from our Group Project Short Film "Suspended Reality" which you can watch a few Post's below this one in the Finished Group Projects Section:

Brett Edmunds Visual Effects Demo Reel 2007

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