Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Final Group Projects At School

So, I was attending the Visual Effects program at the Vancouver Institute for Media Arts (VanArts) last year up in Vancouver, BC from june '06 - june '07, and these are our final group projects for the year... There were 12 of us and we were split in two different groups to come up with a short film concept that would display our skills. I worked on the "Suspended Reality" project with 5 students, and the other 6 students worked on the "Zone 12" Project. It was fun, but I didn't really have the opportunity to display the skills that I wanted to display within our group project itself, so I kept my role pretty small in the group so I had more time to work on personal projects. Here are the finished projects with the breakdowns for each:

"Suspended Reality"

"Suspended Reality" Brealdowns

"Zone 12"

"Zone 12" Breakdowns

The funnest thing about this project was that we each had individual assignments for the group, for the On-Set shoot day... Some people were in charge of food, or setting up the props and whatnot. My assignment for our group was to be the location manager for the area where we were going to film. So I was responsible for getting all the clearance from everybody that we would be able to shoot at our location. The best part about this shit was that the place we wanted to film was at this homeless housing project, it used to be a flourishing alley and it had a really nice look, but there were bums EVERYWHERE, and the alley was basically their back yard. SO, I had to go in and get friendly with not only the people that ran the project, but the heroin junky bums themselves, because they basically felt that we were invading they're property & privacy...

So, I wanted to make sure that I had a good relationship with these junkies before our shoot so they didn't get crazy on us when we were trying to film. So I'd bring down donuts & cigarettes to these goons and chat with them for a while, let me just say there are some GRIMEY characters on the homeless circuit up in BC. Definately witnessed PLENTY of heroin cookin' up in the spoon, the smell of that shit is fuckin disgusting, plenty of needle insertions, crack deals, and some really shady fools. Anyway, here's a few pictures I took from that week:

This picture below is from inside the room from the picture above. It was pitch black in there, I couldn't see shit. So, I stuck my cam inside and took some shots, had no Idea if anybody was in there or what. It was fuckin sketchy...

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