Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Sad Persistence Of Time

Alright, just finished this up today... I was inspired by this piece of art I came across a few weeks back, and thought I'd try to do a 3D projection of the 2D image. So, I took the original image and added to it a little bit, to give it a little more depth that I would need for the 3D Scene. It had been a while since my last 3D projection project, so I wanted to do this one just to stay up on My Skills... I'm happy with the End Result.

The original artwork is from a man named Ric Stultz... The rest of his work is AMAZING, so please check the following links to see the rest of his Stuff.

Ric Stultz - Main Website
Future Passed - Ric Stultz Alias

The High-Resolution version of this animation can be downloaded at the following link:

"The Sad Persistence Of Time" - High Resolution

"The Sad Persistence Of Time" - Original Artwork by Ric Stultz

Matte Painting & Extension Additions

3D Animation:

Ski Designs

Here's another mock-advertisement for a faux ski company I created called "Apparatus". Basically I just had some existing art that I had done in Photoshop, and applied it to some ski templates. The designs are pretty basic, I just wanted the advertisement as a whole to look dope, that was the main goal... The individual designs are below.

Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

Ty-Ku Sake

Normally, I only post things related to the various designs I do on this blog. BUT, there comes a time when exceptions must be made. Ty-Ku is one of those exceptions. Alize & Courvoisier have seen their day, Hennesey + E&J have made their way, get the Ty-Ku cause it's a new day. For real though, this is the nectar of the gods. I picked up a bottle when I was in Vegas last, and am now upset that I didn't snag a case. You can't find this Shit ANYWHERE here in Salt Lake, but I highly recommend special ordering some of this Crack-Ambrosia for yourselves, it is just as good straight as it is a mixer. PLUS, it's changing the game in a whole new way, there is a small green LED light at the base of the bottle, and when it's turned on the entire bottle glows a ballin green... Patent Pending Mahfucka's.


This is a little mock-ad I did for the Akomplice clothing X Empire gloves collaboration... If y'all ain't up on Akomplice, YOU'RE SLEEPING. Easily one of, if not my favorite streetwear company. They've been droppin nothin but FRESH gear since they started, and they're just gonna keep movin' and buildin'. And so far I've been down with the stuff that Empire has been puttin out also, so keep your eyes on that brand too. Either way, MAKE SURE you go peep Akomplice's site to see what they got, and pick somethin up.

Akomplice - Main Website

Photo Touch-Ups

Another one of my favorite things to do in Photoshop... Take a picture and make it look DOPE. I love getting colors to pop and to make the shots look artificial almost. Here's a few examples, Before & Afters:












Probably one of my favorite things to do in Photoshop... Chop up some sequences. Here's a couple I just finished about a week ago, I have no idea who this first one is, but it is easily one of the SICKEST zero spins I've ever seen. The clip that I used to pull the still frames from is the new PBP/Theory3 Media movie "Journal" that's comin out next fall. Make sure to check the teaser for "Journal" to peep the clip of this zero drop, it's fuckin ILL... The next sequence after that is of a good buddy of mine that I work with here at the Alta Peruvian Lodge.

The next couple are of yours truly... Some hot shit from the 2004-05 season.

Shirt Designs

So, over the summer I was working on a shitload of Tee-Shirt design ideas I had. Got quite a few of them printed and sold some to some various people & places. It was cool, but WAY too much work for just myself to take care of, so I sold the first wave and have been keeping the printing to a minimal lately. But, I always love working on shirt designs, so here's a new one I finished a few weeks back, just messin around on some No Country For Old Men Shit, this was a mock-design for The Levitation Project...

By the way, follow the link below to see my Tee-Shirt blog, "Strictly Tees" with all of my other shirt designs on it:

Strictly Tees Blog

Various Designs For Fun

Just a whole bunch of random shit I would toss up while I was bored... Photoshop is Crack:

This first image below is a composite of several different original works I put together from the Artist Scott Hansen, AKA "Tycho"... A Musician/Designer based out of San Francisco. His music is just as amazing as his art, please check these links:

Tycho - Main Website
Tycho - Myspace
Tycho - Blog

Next, is another composite I put together of various work's from a very talented artist and good friend of mine, Noelle Sharp. Please take some time to check her site & her work:

Noelle Sharp - Main Website

All of the remaining images below are of my design (Remember to click on any image for a large version)


Matte Paintings

Just a couple of matte paintings I tossed together while up at school... This first pic is of Phi-Phi Island in Thailand, close to where they filmed that movie "The Beach", I wanted the finished Matte to have a mystical jungle feel, with a ballin sunset. I was very happy with the end result.



Next, is a Matte I did from about 13 Images from the Yellow Mountains/Guilin Province in China... Some of the most amazing mountains on the planet, they have a look that is completely unique.


Come on, just look at this fuckin place... Guilin Province, China:

Final Demo Reel 2007

So, this is the Culmination of my Year at VanArts in the Visual Effects Program... My Focus of this Demo Reel was Matte Paintings & Digital Environments. The Concept is taking a 2D Flat Image into a 3D Application, and Applying the 2D Image to 3D Models, to create a 3D Scene from a Flat Image that you can Fly Around and Interact with in 3D Space... Kind of technical to explain, but I think you'll get the picture from watching the Reel. Did some Rotoscoping too, as that is Essential for almost anything these days, you'll see that Towards the End of the Reel. The Girl at the end of the Reel with the Sword & The Key is from our Group Project Short Film "Suspended Reality" which you can watch a few Post's below this one in the Finished Group Projects Section:

Brett Edmunds Visual Effects Demo Reel 2007

Random Photography

A whole bunch of random shots from the last year or so... All film, no digital. Most pics have some photoshop adjustments.

Tommy Gun

This was a weapon modelling project we had a few months into school... It was dope as hell, we had to choose any weapon we wanted, and model it from scratch. It was a fun project because we all had ultimate freedom to do what we wanted. So, I went for the Tommy Gun. It was such a classic gun and I've always thought the look of them was smooth, plus it's such a classic gangster piece, so it was the first choice to come to mind. Had to add some dolla's in there for extra flavor too...